This past Fall, Elle and Zach embarked on a road trip to capture what would become the second installment of their New Americans project. My friend Zai Divecha had put my name into the hat, so when Elle and Zach passed through Portland we spent an afternoon together.

Now, six months later, they finally returned from their road trip filled with turns and detours and are currently editing and releasing clips. Images of the people that they came across. Conversations they captured.

New Work – Ristretto Roasters

After taking a break to remodel my garage into a proper studio, pickle stuff, and generally enjoy the Summer, I began the process of finding some new building blocks this past Winter. This recent body of work is greatly an exercise in how a similar process will yield different results when the building blocks have changed.

For the months of July and August, this work will be hanging at Ristretto Roasters on N. Williams.

An opening reception will be held on Thursday, July 10th, from 7-9 pm.

Spring 2014

Winter Time!!!

I have been rather quiet this year so far, but an awesome new day-job will do that for you. With new electric and lighting in my studio (oh! and the AppleTV for streaming Netflix!), the last few months have been a ramp up to what is now my full evening and weekend production schedule once again. This year, our baby-headed characters will be joined by some new friends from Planet Unicorn, Buck Rogers, and your daughter’s closet.

The folks at Crafty Wonderland have invited me to come back once again this season to participate in the annual Super Colossal Holiday Sale on December 10th & 11th. I won’t have the time to also make it to Renegade in San Francisco again this year, but I am hoping that being able to concentrate on just the one show will allow me to make a few special items that have been floating through my sketch books, bar conversations, and the other part of my brain for quite some time.

Crafty Wonderland Pop-Up Shop

craftywonderland_popup.jpgThe folks of Crafty Wonderland recently invited me (along with about eighty other local artists) to participate their “Pop-Up Shop” that officially opens this Saturday, the 13th of November. The shop is part of a program where the City of Portland fills vacant downtown storefronts during the holidays, promoting commerce and support for local small businesses. In this case, they are effectively also supporting a large number of local artists. Thanks again City of Portland!

A selection of my work can be found at this storefront through the end of December. As usual, I will be posting a selection of my work on Etsy, and my entire collection will be available at the three weekend shows that I will be at this December.