Recent Work, currently at Ristretto

This morning, just after dawn, I finished hanging a new body of work at Ristretto on N. Williams. This is the first body of wall pieces that I have assembled in at least five years, but possibly the most visually cohesive work that I have done in more than ten. The Sherman tank and DC-3 cargo plane make their first appearance, but will likely be significant parts of my vocabulary this Fall and Winter in my runs of more functional items. For me, each object carries it’s own set of allegories, and as I add more objects to my vocabulary I continue to find more content revealing itself.

This work will be on display through October:

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3 Responses to “Recent Work, currently at Ristretto”

  • Comment from magnific

    this is the way a blog should be! thanks!

  • Comment from LeeAnn Gauthier

    Truly a cohesive body of work with lovely colors. I would let them breath a touch more on the canvas, but that’s me.

    Did the show really come down Oct 31st, or did you get an extension?

    I have the PERFECT mermaid to use if you need more inspiration.

  • Comment from brianconnolly


    LeeAnn, the show is actually coming down tonight (11/03). I’m curious to see this mermaid. I have been keeping my eye out for few of them.

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