Winter Time!!!

I have been rather quiet this year so far, but an awesome new day-job will do that for you. With new electric and lighting in my studio (oh! and the AppleTV for streaming Netflix!), the last few months have been a ramp up to what is now my full evening and weekend production schedule once again. This year, our baby-headed characters will be joined by some new friends from Planet Unicorn, Buck Rogers, and your daughter’s closet.

The folks at Crafty Wonderland have invited me to come back once again this season to participate in the annual Super Colossal Holiday Sale on December 10th & 11th. I won’t have the time to also make it to Renegade in San Francisco again this year, but I am hoping that being able to concentrate on just the one show will allow me to make a few special items that have been floating through my sketch books, bar conversations, and the other part of my brain for quite some time.

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One Response to “Winter Time!!!”

  • Comment from Maryanna

    YO Sometimes!

    Just wanted to tell you that your baby hand shakers and butter dish were in full use at our Halloween-time dinner party, and rather added to the goulish mood.

    Someday I’ll come over there and get my notebook. Someday.


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