Spring 2014

Winter Time!!!

I have been rather quiet this year so far, but an awesome new day-job will do that for you. With new electric and lighting in my studio (oh! and the AppleTV for streaming Netflix!), the last few months have been a ramp up to what is now my full evening and weekend production schedule once […]

Recent Work, currently at Ristretto

This morning, just after dawn, I finished hanging a new body of work at Ristretto on N. Williams. This is the first body of wall pieces that I have assembled in at least five years, but possibly the most visually cohesive work that I have done in more than ten. The Sherman tank and DC-3 […]

Baby Shakers

So my mother said recently “I really like the hands, but I don’t know about all the blood”.  I don’t know what she is talking about, but I have to admit that Mother’s Day might go a little better if I don’t do too much of the drippy red thing. My Dad is visiting for […]

In A Box

Today I finally had the chance to play with one of the ideas that led me down the path that inspired my butter dish experiments. I have spent much of my time lately with my journal and a mechanical pencil.   Searching for new objects through drawing.  (It only took the smile of one pretty lady […]