Thank you to everyone that came out the Crafty Wonderland show this weekend! It was nice to see several months of planning and hard work result in so much excitement and so many friendly faces. An added special thanks to Torie and Cathy, the organizers of Crafty Wonderland, and all the awesome vendors that I […]

Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Holiday Sale

My recent adventures with cast items, the completion of my new studio setup, acquisition of a fifty-gallon slip mixer, and nine months of gathering a LOT of new molds to play with has made it clear that this was going to be a productive Fall and Winter.    Some new cups and butter dishes are already […]

What do you do?

I often pause when answering the question “what do you do?”.  It’s just every time I hear it I have to consider the audience and intention.  But when pressed for time, or simply to be as concise as possible I sometimes find myself just saying “I make things out of stuff”. As annoying or elusive […]